Some old men rest in the public rest-room



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The sun, not only from the sun, but also from our hearts. Have a heart of the sun, can see the bright side of the world; there is sunshine in the heart, with the wrong people heart to heart; the heart of sunshine, even in a sad day, will retain the warmth andenthusiasm; the heart of sunshine, can improve the quality of life. Self-confidence, tolerance, give, love, gratitude, let the heart of the sun, illuminate the little drops of life, the heart of the sun, the sun makes the fate.阳光,不只来自太阳,也来自我们的心.心里有阳光,能看到到世界美好的一面;心里有阳光,能与有缘的人心心相映;心里有阳光,即使在有遗憾的日子,也会保留温暖与热情;心里有阳光,才能提升生命品质.自信、宽容、给予、爱、感恩吧,让心里的阳光,照亮生活中的点点滴滴,阳光的心,造就阳光的命运.
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