Silver hair grandpa in a light grey boxer underwear slept



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Sometimes when we do not want to work, sometimes will suddenlywant to drink, sometimes you want to travel alone, sometimes you want to get married. There are so many thoughts in our minds, but just think about it. Perhaps we really need some courage, for some sudden ideas to try. Maybe, it will give you a big surprise!有时候突然就不想工作了,有时候会突然想要喝几杯,有时候会想要独自旅行,有时候就想结婚了,我们的脑子里有那么多的念头,可是仅仅只是想想而已.或许我们真的需要一些勇气,为一些突然蹦出的念头而尝试一下.也许,它会带给你惊喜!
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