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Childhood is a cup of coffee, drink a people lead a person to endless aftertastes; childhood is a book, each page is a record of our hours of the passions; childhood is a cup of tea, after drinking, the mouth is also revealing the sweet taste; childhood is a painting, we have a colorful life picture. An insect, a toy, a discovery, a quarrel. Not worth mentioning are full ofhappiness, the pursuit of dreams and. Childhood innocence,unforgettable years.童年是一杯咖啡,喝着让人回味无穷;童年是一本书,每一页都记录着我们小时的喜怒哀乐;童年是一杯茶,喝完后,嘴里还流露着甘甜的味道;童年是一幅画,画里有我们五彩的生活.一只昆虫,一个玩具,一次发现,一场争执,微不足道却饱含着我们的快乐、梦想和追求.童年是纯真、难忘的岁月.
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