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Then the wandering soul wild crane stands still the memory river Listen to whistle play tightly ring slowly,Water rises a ship to go medium long things of the past.Wait for a ship’s person Wait for one and other,But hesitate always should ascend which ship Missed Had to consign the hope to next time,Finally what to wait for until has no boats and ships to come and go,Sunset west.再孤魂野鹤的伫立记忆河头,听着哨子的紧奏慢响,水涨船行中的悠悠往事.等船的人儿,等了一班又一班,却始终犹豫着该登哪一只.错过的,只好把希望寄托到了下一回,终究等到的是没有船只的过往,日落西头。

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