Vitamins A, C, E, B2, B12 to improve sexual function

Vitamins A, C, E, B2, B12 to improve sexual function

Vitamins A, C, E, B2, B12 to improve sexual function
[Vitamin A]
Vitamin A and its main function is to promote protein synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the male testis spermatocytes, vas deferens epithelial degeneration, decreased testicular weight, the seminal vesicle smaller, prostate keratosis. The female ovary vitamin A deficiency affect the normal secretion of estrogen. Vitamin A exists only in the animal tissue, egg yolk, milk, butter, cod liver oil, as well as animal liver vitamin A Multiple.

[Vitamin C]
Vitamin C can reduce the cohesive force of the sperm, semen liquefaction advantageous. Genes in the sperm cell DNA through the vitamin C antioxidant protection. Lack of vitamin C sperm genetically susceptible to damage that can lead to reduced sperm fertilizing capacity resulting in infertility. Fresh vegetables such as cabbage, leeks, spinach, pepper, fresh fruits such as oranges, dates, hawthorn, kiwi fruit and other foods containing C.

[Vitamin E]
Vitamin E is the role of to regulate gonadal and sperm life. Vitamin E and A can improve blood circulation, can increase the capillaries, especially genital capillary movement, increase libido, increase sperm production. Vegetable oil is the best food sources of vitamin E, vitamin E-rich foods sesame, walnut, lean meat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, lettuce, etc., in addition to soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, seeds, animal liver, egg yolk , cream and corn, green and yellow vegetables are rich in vitamin E.

[Vitamin B2]
Normal circumstances, the lack of vitamin B2 body will appear angular cheilitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, glossitis, ear, nasal mucosa dry, dry skin desquamation and other symptoms. In fact, vitamin B2 is also closely related to the quality of life. When the body lacks vitamin B2, the human body and the mucous layer problems, causing mucosal lesions, resulting in mucosal cells metabolic disorders. Specific performance is a thinning of the mucosa mucosa damage, broken capillaries. The damage caused by female genital mutilation is more serious, the most typical symptoms such as vaginal wall dry vaginal mucosa congestion, ulceration, direct impact on libido, resulting in loss of libido, sexual discomfort. Due to pathological changes of the environment within the vagina cause pain during intercourse, fear of intercourse, even if reluctantly married life, no sense of pleasure, but caused the woman’s spirit of extreme tension and panic, exacerbated pain. Vitamin B2 after the symptoms disappear soon. Wheat, vegetables, soybeans, animal liver, heart and other organs are rich in vitamin B2.

[Vitamin B12]
The physiological activity of vitamin B12 is largely determined by the cobalt. Cobalt can reduce tissue oxygen consumption, thereby increasing tolerance to hypoxia, and promote the vitality of the body tissue in a hypoxic environment. Long-term vegetarian men due to a lack of vitamin B12, the concentration of sperm in the semen than others significantly lower, the semen generated is less than the others, affect the normal sexual function. Vitamin B12-rich foods: liver, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese.

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