Tomatoes have weight loss effect

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  • Tomatoes have weight loss effect
    Tomatoes have weight loss effect
    Tomatoes rich in pectin and other food fiber, not only make people easy to have a sense of fullness, but also to absorb the excess fat in the body, and excreted.
    Tomatoes in lycopene can reduce the calorie intake, reduce fat accumulation, and vitamin C, vitamin B1, malic acid, citric acid and other nutrients, to maintain a balanced nutrition.
    The unique flavor of the tomato and stimulate gastric secretion, promote gastrointestinal motility, to help fat burning.
    Ripe tomatoes therapeutic effect is better, the rich vitamin A, vitamin C and eggplant red element play a powerful effect, let the weight loss effect is more ideal. Therefore, using the method of weight loss when tomatoes, recommend picking ripe tomatoes.