Smoking causes COPD increased mortality


Smoking is one of the leading cause of death in elderly men, quit smoking, you can reduce the level of total mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality; study quitters COPD risk of death is higher than the smoking test may be due to the role of healthy smokers and”illness smoking cessation effect. Further research and understanding of chronic cough, sputum is not the normal physiological response of smokers, but smoking caused lung function and structural damage early manifestation of “health education and prevention and treatment of COPD important; smoking cessation should be emphasized that a early “. Sooner quit smoking, quit smoking the longer its protective effect is more obvious. Especially for patients with COPD, the protective effect of smoking cessation usually takes about 10 years to become apparent. Some older smokers to quit “early” the illusion of death, mainly because they quit too late or is due to the seriously ill and had to stop smoking.

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