Elderly how to choose underwear

Elderly how to choose underwear
Elderly how to choose underwear
Elderly choose underwear
Elderly lifetime savings are used to, and often cheaper plans to buy underwear, do not pay attention to underwear texture, style, color. But does not know that good underwear and health of the elderly is closely related to (not only the elderly, people like it, huh, huh …).
That older people wear what kind of underwear is good? Material: the best choice for cotton panties. Due to poor synthetic underwear of permeability and moisture absorption, the genitals sweat will not readily evaporate, very conducive to bacterial growth, thereby causing inflammation of the vulva. But need to be reminded that, although the absorbent cotton underwear, but it is not easy to keep dry, weak constitutions, sweating elderly friends should pay attention to timely replacement. In terms of style: loose and comfortable pants are the most suitable for the elderly wear. This is because, the elderly relatively poor blood circulation, pants and briefs can reduce the shackles of the thigh and friction helps the circulation. The waistband of the underwear should not be too tight, the waist of the elderly tend to be larger, the waist tight underwear is easy to prevent the blood circulation of the abdominal organs. In addition, it is preferable to choose the underwear waistband above the belly button, the elderly friends must pay attention to the umbilical warm, otherwise, the navel after the cold are likely to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.

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