Often shuttlecock benefits for the elderly

Often shuttlecock benefits for the elderly

Often shuttlecock benefits for the elderly
Often shuttlecock can prevent diabetes and dementia
Shuttlecock in patients with diabetes have a special role. People with diabetes due to excess nutrients, physical exercise lack, resulting in lower limb atrophy, and the shuttlecock to the legs, feet activities, promote blood circulation, regulate blood sugar from a very important role, and the cervical spine, lumbar disc prominent, shoulder and neck disease, sciatic nerve, myopia, Alzheimer’s have some relief.

   Role in mitigation of the often the shuttlecock chronic bone and joint disorders
Shuttlecock is a specific speed, endurance, than the movement of the technology, often shuttlecock can adjust the human eye, brain, nerves, limbs, leg kick, fall, jump, move, turn, knock, plates, abductions and other movements , feet, legs, waist, neck, eyes ministries get exercise, development speed, stamina, agility, reaction, flexibility, jumping, coordination and quality. Through the exercise of the related parts of the body or the role of disease-related symptoms brought positive results. Direct results such as cervical spondylosis, shoulder and neck disease, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other chronic bone and joint disorders mitigation.

   Often the shuttlecock can delay aging improve resistance to disease
Shuttlecock can promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve heart and lung function. Shuttlecock can also promote the healthy growth of bones of leg muscles enhanced and adolescents, to improve the body immunity and disease resistance, anti-aging, and prolong life.

   However, in the end still have to pay attention to: shuttlecock is a movement more intense projects, people suffering from heart disease, hypertension and other serious diseases, we must be cautious participation, properly grasp the scale.

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