How to talk with the elderly

talk with the elderly

talk with the elderly
Talk Location: Do not let the old man raised his head or remote to talk to you, as the elderly will feel lofty and difficult to close, close bent down to talk with the elderly, the elderly and you will feel equality and feel that you value his.
2, to understand the situation: To understand the temper of the elderly, and preferences, you can ask in advance or get to know further contact with each other in the future.
Topic selection: To select the favorite topic for the elderly, such as home and loved ones, young thing, TV programs, to avoid mentioning the topic of the elderly do not like, you can say yourself, so that elderly people trust you and then expand other topics.
4, resilience: case something happens we talk the unhappy or elderly emotional there has been a change, try not to persuade, first hand pat each other’s hands or shoulders for comfort, emotional stability, and digression as soon as possible.
Intentions AC: your eyes look the person in the eye, your eyes do not wander uncertain, for the elderly to feel that you are not concerned about his homosexual touched each other’s hand talk to.
6, attitude: amiable, approachable, often with a smile on his face, so that the elderly can feel your intimacy.
7, sincere appreciation: people are eager to be sure, the elderly like children, like praise, praise, So you want to be honest, generous and praise him, he the conversation atmosphere will be active.
8 Language: speed of speech is relatively slower, the tone should be moderate, some elderly hit deaf (hearing), shall be louder, but it depends on each other’s expressions and reactions, to judge each other’s needs.
9, patience: The elderly are generally more nagging little thing can be said for a long time, you do not show any impatience, patience to listen to the elderly.

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