Elderly men benefits of wearing a hat in winter

Elderly men benefits of wearing a hat in winter
Elderly men benefits of wearing a hat in winter

In the winter, in terms of the weak constitutions, more chronic diseases of the elderly, if equipped with a winter cap, the benefits are many. Winter wear a hat can not only warm, but also to avoid the cold cold, cough, headache, facial palsy and other diseases. However, many elderly men did not wear a hat habit, not knowing that the head of the human body is very warm. Moreover, the majority of the hair of the elderly is relatively rare (easy to heat), but also need a hat to keep warm. Therefore, in the winter, the elderly hat is very beneficial, selected winter cap wool, woolen, or down jacket with hat, anyway, the texture is thick, warm effect to do.If you can buy a beautiful, fashion hat, gray hair can be “wrapped” live, show the charm of the elderly to.

But wear a hat should have principles, or just the opposite, wear a hat for a long time, will lead to the scalp pores shortness of breath, accumulation of sebum in the scalp, easy to form dander, head itch or inflammation of the skin, causing hair loss. The scalp is intolerant hot closely linked to underlying scalp will not for a long time breathing, especially brim oppression hair, the hair root, easier to hair loss due to loose skin on the head of a hat or helmet.

Cold weather, wear a hat, we must first choose a little larger than the head, wear will not squeeze the hair, scalp breathable room. Second, we must pay attention to the material, scalp love the oil, to wear breathable, thin hat, the weak constitutions cold, to wear woolen or wool hat. Again, sooner or later, when they go out wearing into the room to let him remove the midday sun is good, and let the hair breathe out.

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