Improve elderly features massage skill

elderly features massage skill

elderly features massage skill
First, take an upright position, two feet apart with wide shoulders, hands, thumb tight on both sides of the second lumbar small amplitude rapid rotation of the waist and left right exhibition waist, at the same time with thumb a regular massage to stimulate the lumbar. Each lasting 2 to 3 minutes. Several times a day, very good results. The second lumbar vertebra below the third lumbar nerve by the dominant gonadal position. Stimulate this area, can promote the secretion of gonadal function, improve sexual response capacity. The position of the third lumbar equivalent to the most narrow waist level, relatively easy to locate. Stimulation method is the same as described above, hands thumb can be on both sides of the third lumbar vertebra. Further down is the fourth lumbar vertebra. Fourth lumbar spine below the pelvic area is distributed in the genital nerve through the arteries. This part of the stimulus: sitting, legs straight stretch to both sides, feet close together, repeated. This set of actions can be effective in stimulating the the Rupen area, enhance the efficacy of erectile capacity. Finally, a set of enhanced sustainability of the treatment of premature weak action; stand erect, two feet separated shoulder width apart, hands folded over his head, palms up, try to stretch upward, and at the same time to do deep breathing action. To the limit position, hold your breath, stand on two feet, the whole body turn right three times, followed by turn left three times, and have to go to the limit position. And then lay down their arms, and exhale slowly. Repeat the procedure several times. Stretches Why can enhance the ability to sustain it? Because it stimulates the waist important endocrine glands – adrenal. The adrenal gland to secrete a variety of hormones regulate the human body functions, but also to the secretion of male hormones. These hormones are important to adjust the role of metabolism in vivo, can be enhanced organ function, improve the fatigue threshold. Another point worth mentioning is that the regular waist movement, developed psoas, make the waist more full mobility, more durable to withstand orthostatic load.

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