How to prevent scrotum wet

How to prevent scrotum wet
How to prevent scrotum wet
Why are more likely to suffer scrotal wet summer? As the temperature gradually increased, with scrotal skin surface has a lot of sweat, it will emit large amounts of sweat. However, the scrotum and in dark airtight environment, in hot weather more difficult to disperse heat, hot, humid scrotum will become breeding ground for bacteria, easily lead to the occurrence of moist scrotum.
Prevent scrotal wet, to avoid wearing tight clothing, wear loose and comfortable underwear, preferably cotton made, after exercise should be promptly wash underwear. Also, be careful not to wear long jeans body is not conducive to heat the scrotum. Diet, to avoid high-calorie, high-fat foods, drinking less alcohol and eating spicy food, but avoid overeating, nor hunger a full meal.

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