The elderly what circumstances should not take a bath

elderly take a bath

elderly take a bath
1, not a bath immediately after exertion
Whether did housework or just movement finished, should rest for a while and then take a bath, or likely to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, and even syncope.
2, a fever should take a bath
When the person’s body temperature rose to 38 ℃, the body’s calorie consumption can increase by 20%, relatively weak, bath prone to accidents.
3, drunk should not be taking a bath
Bath body to sweat, blood alcohol concentration is relatively higher, coupled with the hot water to promote blood circulation, dilation of blood vessels, accelerate the pulse, which is often caused by decreased blood pressure, increased blood viscosity, so that the body is difficult to adapt to cause a heart attack or stroke. attack or stroke. Serious cases may hypoglycemia coma.
Bathe the elderly is best to grasp the following two principles:
1 week up to wash 1
The thin skin of the elderly, and slowly shrinking, frequent bathing, wash the surface of the skin secretion of oil and parasitic normal protective flora on the skin surface, the skin becomes more dry, itching of skin.
2, the water temperature is not too high
Know under what circumstances should not take a bath for the elderly, the recommended temperature to 37 ° C is most appropriate. Otherwise it would be a whole body skin blood vessels to dilate, causing cardiovascular spasm.

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