Elderly traveling to note

Elderly traveling

Elderly traveling
The procession out of older persons can visit the places of historic interest and scenic beauty, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge, strive, and Shujin, mental and physical pleasure. However, for safety reasons, the procession out old friends have to pay attention to a few things: First of all, before traveling to a physical examination. Tourism should go to the hospital to check the body (blood pressure, check ECG, etc.), consult a doctor about their physical condition is stable to understand the disease, are appropriate to participate in the tour. If we can make the trip, you can prepare some personal conventional treatment (such as antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic agents, etc.) and urgently drugs (vasodilators and colds, diarrhea, constipation, ship motion sickness drugs). For luggage, clothing should be lightweight, timely, shoes Size affordable, lightweight, soft, flexible, non-slip.
Second, the best travel go hand in hand line, so that the journey can take care of each other, and add the fun of travel. Third, the road will inevitably occur colds and ship motion sickness, Therefore, the elderly boat rides do not let the cold air blowing directly on the body, and timely change clothes. To prevent motion sickness boat may be appropriate to close their eyes meditatively, dizziness, leaning against the seat back as far as possible to remain intact or watching from afar, necessary to drive the boat half an hour before serving a motion sickness pills, or attached to the navel using wet as the injury, but also Massage off, Zusanli, is best not to doze off when the car is moving, supporting good handle to avoid the emergency brake accidental collision. Fourth, tourist spots should not choose akin to finding steep, remote areas, tourism activities should not be fast-paced, such as rush tasks like, or trek, non-stop, tired and travel was not only greatly reduce, but not conducive to the health of the elderly. Ideal tourist routes in the elderly the best choice for the journey, short run, small bumps on the way, and rest for a time, so that the elderly Events waist and legs, the lifting of travel fatigue. Fifth trip remain subject to the laws of everyday life, pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep to help eliminate fatigue and resume physical strength. Attention to food hygiene, to taste Enough is enough snacks around, not gluttonous, and should not be drinking, eat more fruit. Sixth, sightseeing tour, viewing tours, he should do what, can not overexert. Or worn out, legs felt weak, prone to pummeling. If possible with a cane, helping. Walking slowly, walking break, go look at the road and stopping time, enjoy the scenery, to prevent tripping. Finally: I hope old friends play happily travel!

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