Elderly smoking is injurious to health

Elderly smoking

Elderly smoking
Elderly smoking
Smoking can lead to mental decline
Smoking degree of mental decline of older persons who had never smoked or who have quit smoking four times.
Smoking can lead to low back pain
Because smoking, a large number of harmful substances will damage the bone marrow and lumbar intervertebral disc. Especially nicotine is inhaled blood will cause the disc vasoconstriction, decreased blood supply. Other harmful substances are carbon monoxide, smokers high levels of carbon monoxide in the body combined with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, they reduced oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, more reduction of lumbar disc had not enough oxygen and other nutrients, leading to its degeneration speed up the process aggravated, spine mechanical pressure is more sensitive, leading to the occurrence of low back pain.
Smoking can lead to stroke
A high risk of stroke is elderly. Smoking trigger stroke pathological process With the passage of time of smoking, smoking increasing blood viscosity increases and gradually reaches a certain threshold, the body is in crisis, decline in the ability to automatically adjust easily lead to the occurrence of stroke, so smoking is an independent risk factor for stroke.
Therefore, smoking will give the elderly a lot of unhealthy harm to health as the most important should be shorter smoking or non-smoking.

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