Elderly sleep 10 do not

Elderly sleep

Elderly sleep
Sleep is very important for the elderly: a good night’s sleep in order to have a healthy body. Sleep, mental state is naturally Jiuhaola. The following is a list of 10 things not to do before going to sleep in the elderly:

1, Do not bedtime excessive use of brain

The elderly night, if the habit of learning and the creation, the fee should be more done in advance of the brain, the easy thing to do before going to sleep, relax the mind, so it is easy to fall asleep. Otherwise, the brain in the excited state, even lying in bed it difficult to sleep a long time, but also easy to insomnia.

2, do not bedtime emotional

Human emotions are easy to cause the nerve center of the excitement or disorder, making it difficult to fall asleep, and even cause insomnia. Therefore, the elderly before going to bed to avoid overjoyed furious Concerned angry, emotional balance.

3, do not sleep with open mouth

Mouth sleep easy access to viruses and bacteria in the air, but also easy to make the lungs and stomach stimulation by the cold air and dust, causing disease.

4, do not hooding and sleep

The elderly tend to be more sensitive to cold, so some older people like hooding and sleep. Such a large number of inhalation of exhaled carbon dioxide, but lack the necessary supplemental oxygen, is extremely detrimental to the body.

5, not on his back and sleep

Sleeping position, sideways to the right clothes for the best, so skeletal muscles are in a relaxed state, easy to fall asleep, but also tends to reduce fatigue. Supine body bone, muscle is still in a state of tension, is not conducive to the elimination of fatigue, but also likely to cause nightmares hand chest, affecting the quality of sleep.

    6, do not bedtime drink tea, a cup of coffee

An irritant drinks, tea, coffee contains caffeine and other substances to make the spirit of excitement, easily lead to difficulty falling asleep at bedtime drink.

7, do not eat before sleep

The person goes to sleep, the body part of the slowdown in the pace of activity, enter the resting state. If you eat before going to sleep, gastrointestinal also busy, so add to their burden, the rest of the body can not get a good rest, not only affects sleep, undermining health.

8, do not speak before going to bed

The brain is easy to talk too much excitement, active thinking, thus making it difficult to sleep.

9, do not sleep eye lights

People fall asleep, eyes closed, but still feel light. Up to the light and sleep, easy to make people uneasy, difficult to sleep, and even fall asleep easily awakened.

10, do not punch the wind and sleep

Room to keep the air circulation, but do not let the wind blowing directly on the body. Because the person is asleep, the body reduced ability to adapt to the external environment, the red wind slept a long time, the cold air will invade the body, causing a cold chill, stroke and other diseases.

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