Elderly sitting with a pillow

Elderly pillow

Elderly pillow
The cushion has two functions, first, to maintain the correct posture, the other is to support the lumbar spine. Can maintain flexion of the lumbar spine, balanced lumbar back muscle pressure, relieve strain, increase comfort. But note, cushions rely on to what counts. A lot of people put in the seat cushions, but not posted on the cushions, useless. Lin Chou, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital physiatrist reminder, cushions chair shades to choose. If the chair is too shallow, it is necessary to avoid using too thick cushions; small man in stature, should choose a thick cushion.
People sitting, the lumbar spine to withstand the power of standing. As a body weight of 70 kg, sitting waist weight 140 kg. Lean forward 20 degrees, pressure up to 200 kg, nearly 3 times. Takes a long time to sit and work, lower back muscle strain, pain and other problems, the best on a chair to add a cushion to ease, especially the elderly.
Select cushions also consider the materials and use of time. Cushion material on the market, basically be divided into four types of stretch cotton, memory foam or plastic plates, in general, memory foam plastic plate material support for strong. Many people will be peace with a large doll or afternoon when the cushions, stuffed with cotton is softer, less pressure can be dispersed, but recommend pain or elderly people do not use.
Can also be selected according to the season, mesh cushions or plastic cushions cool, breathable, summer, so do not feel hot. Often ride, travel by plane, you can choose folding cushions, easy to carry.

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