Elderly how to shave avoid pain

Elderly shave avoid pain

Elderly shave avoid pain
Most of the elderly will feel pain when the shave, this is due to the the shave method does not correct. Shave should follow the following three steps:
First, facial wash, to avoid razor irritate the skin or bruised skin and cause infection. Smear shaving cream not only lubricate the beard, but also reduce the direct damage of the razor on the face. The soft texture badger brush, like a sponge to retain moisture and comprehensive Run shaving cream into the skin.
Second, shave properly taut skin, can reduce razor running resistance, but also to prevent misfortune to scratch the skin, facial beard growth direction, we must first understand the texture of the beard along from left to right, top to bottom , first Shun pores, then reverse the pores shaving order to have more time shaving cream soft short to be the hardest part. Down texture shaving can reduce skin redness, pain.
Finally, after shave, wash with warm water, apply aftershave. From a medical point of view, the aftershave is not required, but be certain ingredients in the water shrink pores, make a person feel fresh and moist, so you can choose a non-alcohol-based aftershave.

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