Elderly pay attention to use issues

Elderly use issues

Elderly use issues
Old man humidifier not take too long, generally a few hours can be turned off, no need to open all day. The most appropriate winter air humidity is 40% -60%, is too dry can cause dry throat, dry mouth, and too wet will lead to pneumonia and other diseases. When used, preferably from time to time to determine and adjust the appropriate humidity. In addition, arthritis, diabetes patients should not use a humidifier.
If the humidifier is used for a long time, the inner wall of the fungus or bacteria, some of which pathogens through small drops of water particles into the human respiratory tract and lungs, may cause allergic reactions, fever, and even lead to pneumonia. Best to stick to water every day, thoroughly cleaned once every two weeks, especially in the newly opened humidifier, make sure to clean. Cleaning, minimize the use of disinfectant, the water can be used repeatedly washed with a soft cloth, and then wipe the scale around the tank. Tap water generally contains chlorine, is best not to tap directly added to the humidifier, you can use cool boiled water, distilled water, pure water or less impurities. If the home is limited, before joining the humidifier tap water for a few days.

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