15 ways turn a blind eye to health elderly

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  • 15 ways turn a blind eye to health elderly

    15 ways turn a blind eye to health elderly
    Turn a blind eye in the elderly daily life regimen following 15:
    The first: eyes lying thinking: There are three ways of thinking: first eyes in the form of thinking, the dream form of thinking, turn a blind eye in the form of thinking. Turn a blind eye thinking “phenomenon” is a kind of critical thinking, the lying and insomnia, eyes closed unexpected lianpian the. In this state of mind, the brain exclude things like the interference of the outside world, but also in congestive oxygenation state. So, can contribute to the potential of the brain cells to maximize the effect, in order to improve the depth and breadth of thinking.
    The second: turn a blind eye digestion: After dinner sit to rest for 10 minutes to 30 minutes, go take a nap, take a walk or do something else. This maintenance of liver, especially in people with liver disease is very necessary.
    When the people after dinner, lunch, lunch eat more than the blood in the body are concentrated to the digestive tract involved in the digestion of food, and be able to explain the data, when the body from lying down to standing inflows liver blood flow is necessary to reduce by 30%, if walking, sports, blood and there will be a part of the flow of hand, foot and into the liver blood flow should be reduced to 50% or more.
    If the liver is in insufficient blood supply, it is normal metabolic activity will be affected, resulting in varying degrees of damage to the liver. Friends suffering from liver disease, it is recommended that the eyes closed for 10 to 30 minutes after a meal.
    Third: to turn a blind eye to raise gas: “living breath”, “gas” is the heart qi child is a state of mind, live to be 100-year-old power. Older people often feel the gas is not enough, especially respiratory infections and asthma, turn a blind eye convalesce to Peibu the vitality, it is very necessary.
    Fourth: turn a blind eye to Buy: You can often turn a blind eye to listen to some of their favorite music and drama, or sang, or playing a musical instrument. Beautiful melodies can improve brain activity, regulate the function of the central nervous system, people produce refreshing feeling, very beneficial to the physical and mental health.
    Fifth: eyes Jiefa: work and rest for older people is particularly important, when the manual was tired, or reading when reading the newspaper and write essay tired, resting for a while may wish to turn a blind eye, which quickly restore energy and health care are a great benefit.
    Sixth: tired eyes release: As the saying goes: “out of sight, out of mind.” His statement is very justified. Mean to say close your eyes can not only support projects, and meditation. The calm Shen’an God On the plague health, good fortune forever. Encounter complex and noisy occasion, he was unwilling to see the scene, but also avoid inconvenience, we might turn a blind eye resting both wash mesh pure heart, quiet, eliminating worries, but also take time off to good health, why not ?
    Seventh: turn a blind eye meditation: in the day-to-day affairs of men troubles, headache brain up, find a quiet place, sat, eyes closed, eyelids sink, and mix thoroughly breathing, intended to keep the pubic region. Long, clear-headed and calm, calm water, the trouble disappearing into the quiet and peaceful state, the body’s yin and yang Mastery smooth, psychological balance, emotional pleasure, a clear mind, whole body relaxed.
    Eighth: turn a blind eye drop gas: Whenever angry or humiliation, temper difficult to press when you want to rationally control the feelings, to leave the dangerous place, turn a blind eye to ponder. With their own hands index finger end gently pressed on the eyelids, a slight friction rub the eyes, fever swollen chest will feel stuffy Seton, anger?
    Ninth: turn a blind eye line Wyatt: depression, sadness, disappointment and emptiness, upset when the backoff static homes, eyes closed sitting alone, eyes, as God poly head, slightly on his back and head, relax thinking, as far as possible musing, imagination the past proud joy of my heart and soul, that will feel the mind balanced, sad and upset feelings will gradually disappear.
    : 10 eyes intended Chi: parties unhappy, something missing the bored mind looked up, eyes closed, imagined a vast expanse of sky, you’ll spirits relieved. Situated height, eyes looking down to earth Mangyongdae, will make people Kuang Chi meaning. The Personal is like a drop in the ocean, worries Hekan, but since about the outcome much ado about nothing. To this realm will be refreshed, relieved.
       Tenth: eyes fugue: sitting eyes closed, to imagine wings, fly to the field, the concept of Silk Mountain, to look sky was clear and to climb Taishan Mountain, listening to the sound of waterfalls loose, Tour Yangtze River to the sea …… The Anna rapture, soul and sound of Heaven earnest whisper, day-one, there will be a feeling Shenqingruyan. Old people can not Barry on the line, but it can line Miles of God, this spirit swim very conducive to physical and mental health.
    : 12 eyes closed resting: the elderly drowsiness, poor sleep is common. To temporary sleep, or wake up at night no longer difficult to sleep, do not upset, may wish to close their eyes meditatively, static heart. May soon be able to sleep safely, even if they can not fall asleep, resting can achieve the effect of health.
       The thirteenth: turn a blind eye to Yang Yang: the ancients exposure back the joy, the elderly turn a blind eye meditation sun, in fact, health magic bullet. Free University of Berlin, Germany, Crowther found to lower blood pressure, if not severe hypertension, often exposed to the sun.
    When the skin is exposed to sunlight, it will produce vitamin D, vitamin D is involved in the body’s blood circulation. Scientists observed two groups of patients, a group serving of vitamin D, one group received light therapy. Server sheet of vitamin D blood pressure did not change after a certain period of time, while significantly lower blood pressure receiving light.
    14: eyes move shape: old friends may wish to try, find a quiet place, eyes Weibi, relax, slow action possible to play a set of tai chi, to fully appreciate the slow and flexible, round The live and coherent essentials, there will be unexpected gains.
    : 15 eyes strong mind: older people grow older, memory deteriorates, often encounter to remember someone recalls something, short-lived fad just will not come, scratching with sorrow . In fact, at this time may wish to turn a blind eye to convalesce for a few minutes, to be to relax the body, calm, perhaps GREAT IDEA now, suddenly.